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Welcome to the leaders in cutting technology on roller mills

Roller turning mills crush loamy earth mixed with stones between two rolls rotating against each other. A rough material results from the grinding process and at the end bricks, tiles and other such products are obtained. During the grinding process the rolls are worn out irregularly. Originally, it was tried to reach an approximately cylindrical shape by grinding the cylinders in an extremely dust and time intensive way. The result was not satisfactory.

The company PILATUS Maschinenbau AG recognised this problem and in the seventies developed a roller turning machine which processed the rolls by turning them automatically, precisely and in a short time.

The so-called "roller turning machine" was a revolutionary invention for the brick and tile industry at that time. It brought a decisive improvement of the working conditions worldwide and at the same time a significant increase of the production cycle.

Up till now more than 2500 PILATUS roller turning machines are in operation worldwide. PILATUS roller turning machines can be combined with roller mills of all makes and are available for all roller widths.

Thanks to a long experience in the machining of rolls on the roller mill, PILATUS has an enormous professional knowledge which continually flows into the technical development of new roller turning machines.